A Guide to Fixing Hot Spots in Your Home

September 10, 2019

Hot spots that are present in your residential property can affect the level of comfort in the home during the warmer months of the year. You may notice that some rooms are warmer than others, which can affect residents throughout the seasons. Fortunately, there are a few ways to fix hot spots in the house to restore the comfort provided.

1. Install a Zoned Thermostat

Zoned thermostats offer independent control of the specific temperature in specific areas of the building to ensure you can find relief. The zone can be a specific level of the home or even certain rooms in the building. You can have more control of the internal temperature and create a more habitable environment.

2. Purchase a Ductless Air Conditioner

Those who own older homes often experience issues with warm spots in their houses due to mistakes with the AC ductwork that is installed. There may be excessively sharp bends or the wrong diameter of ducts installed, which can lead to inconsistently cooled air throughout the building. Purchasing a ductless air conditioner can correct the problem and can prevent it from occurring again in the future.

3. Install New Curtains

Many homeowners rely on curtains to block sunlight and heat from transferring into the building. Consider installing new curtains that are thicker and that are made from a heavier material to keep rooms with southern exposure cooler during the day.

4. Repair Holes in the Ducts

Holes and cracks are prone to forming in the ducts due to their age and to excess use over time. Make it a point to hire a company like Reed Service Company to repair any holes that may be present to improve the efficiency of the system.

Contact Reed Service Company in the Beaumont, TX, area today to obtain help from professionals who can address the causes of hot spots in the home. Our technicians can also improve the indoor air quality and repair your heating system to maintain the level of comfort in the building.