Warning Signs You Need Heating Repair

December 7, 2019

If you have a heating system in your home that helps you keep the interior warm during cooler times of the year, it is likely you do not want it to falter at a time you need it most. There are some signs that indicate that a repair is needed to keep your system running as necessary. Failing to repair your heater in a timely manner could lead to further problems. Here are some signs that mean it is best to call a heating repair service for an assessment of your heating system.

Warm Air Is Not Present

Obviously, a heater is used to warm a home. If the air coming out of your vents is not warm, your system is not working effectively. This could happen for a number of reasons from the unit’s blower fan motor to the pilot light. It is best to have a technician take a look at your unit to determine whether your heating system needs a repair or complete replacement.

Increase In Your Heating Costs

If your heating cost has raised substantially, and this is not due to a big increase in the cost of natural gas or propane, your system may be in need of replacement. A failing heater will need to run more often and at longer intervals to warm a home as needed. If you notice your heating system is on more often than you feel necessary, contact a service technician to take a look at the unit to check for problems.

Your Home Is Overly Dusty

Your heater will take in air, filter it, and disperse it at a warmer temperature. If you are noticing your home is dustier than usual, your heating system could very well be to blame. It is important to swap your air filter every one to three months. If you adhere to this rule and you still notice dust is excessive your heating system may not be able to effectively filter the air. This is an indication that you may need a new system soon.

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