Dispelling Myths About Your Heating System

March 1, 2019

There are some misconceptions about heaters that could cost you money. While it’s important to keep your home warm during cold weather, you should avoid the following mistakes if you want to save money and increase your energy efficiency.

Keeping the Indoors Warm in Winter

You don’t need to raise the temperature when the weather is cold. Your home has a reliable insulation system, and the cold air won’t affect how warm your house will become. Heat will enter the house through the insulation, but the weather can’t lower the temperature in your house. If you feel chills during the winter, you can wait for the house to warm itself. You’ll save money and increase your energy efficiency.

Leave the Heat on a Low Temperature

Leaving your heating system on a low setting isn’t going to increase the home’s temperature. In fact, you’ll still experience cold air because of the low setting. Your heating bill will increase over time because of the constant use, but the house will feel the same. If you’re going to use your heat pump or furnace, you should use a high-temperature setting to warm your home. This will give you the results you want without raising the bill.

Electric Heaters Should Stay On

You don’t need to keep your electric heater on to warm the house. If you decide to run the heating system for a few minutes, you’ll warm your home for a few hours. Electric heaters are more expensive than other options available, and you may need repairs if you use your heating system for a long time. If you want to run your house with energy efficiency, you’ll need to cut back on usage. Usually, temperatures drop during the night. You should run your electric heater before you go to sleep and after you wake up.

You may need some repairs to keep your heating system in working condition. Reed Service Company in Beaumont, TX, has a professional team ready to fix your problem. We’ll find a solution to the heater’s issues, and our maintenance services are top-notch. Contact us today to learn more about our heating and cooling services.