How AC and Heating Maintenance Saves You Money

March 17, 2020

No matter how old your comfort unit is, you may be able to save money by having it maintained on a regular (annual or biannual) basis. Besides keeping your manufacturer warranty on the unit valid, maintenance comes with a host of financial benefits. They include:

Lower Utility Bills

First of all, the basic tasks that go into a maintenance visit can keep your system running smoothly and energy efficiently, which means energy savings. For example, our technicians at Reed Service Company can replace the air filters for customers in Beaumont, TX. Without this, your system will strain to reach your set temperature because of dirt in the filter blocking airflow.

Another task that will lower your utility bill is thermostat calibration. Even digital thermostats need to be calibrated so that they can accurately measure indoor temperatures; otherwise, they may cause the unit to run longer than necessary.

Fewer Repair Costs

A big part of maintenance involves checking the system for small problems and eliminating them before they grow. Here are a few examples of problems that lead to costly repairs:

Debris may build up in the condensate drain pipe of an AC, and if left to build up, it could cause flooding. Fuel line connections, if left alone, may start leaking and pose a fire hazard. Moving parts, if not lubricated, can cause the system to overheat and break down.

Extended Lifespan

When those problems we mentioned above are nipped in the bud, the system does not have to experience so much wear and tear and strain over the years. This will certainly help increase its lifespan. Even minor tasks like tightening the electrical connections will contribute to a longer lifespan.

NATE-Certified Technicians to Serve You

Reed Service Company has set up many homeowners in Beaumont with a preventative maintenance agreement. The benefits of this agreement are numerous and include parts discounts, labor warranties, and VIP service. We’re a BBB-accredited HVAC company with an A+ rating. Along with HVAC tune-ups, we provide repair, installation, and indoor air quality services. To see how comprehensive our services are, call today and schedule a consultation.