Main Causes of AC Failure and How to Prevent Them

August 12, 2019

What’s better than finding a great pro capable of fixing your air conditioner? How about nothing going wrong with the AC? Unfortunately, no one can keep an air conditioner, or any other machine, from breaking down. However, you can be ever on the alert for the first signs of trouble. This way, you might stop an AC failure before it occurs. So, what are the main reasons an air conditioner fails?

The Air Conditioner Is Dirty

Specifically, the unit has a dirty filter. Not changing the filter from year to year isn’t an effective plan. Eventually, the filter becomes loaded with dirt and debris and fails to perform correctly. Replacing the filter corrects the problem. Now, dirt may find itself in other sections of the AC. A thorough cleaning would address that issue.

The Refrigerant Reaches Low Levels

When an air conditioner runs out of refrigerant, the system won’t deliver cold air. The trouble here won’t be that the refrigerant evaporated; rather, the levels dropped due to a leak. So, someone must check the lines for the leak and perform any necessary repairs.

The Fans Aren’t Working

Fans serve two purposes: circulating cold air and eliminating hot air. When the fans aren’t working as they should, the air conditioning system can’t do its job. Something as basic as replacing a snapped belt may fix the problem. You won’t know what the issue is until someone performs an inspection. At Reed Service Company, our service pros can check out the fans and other parts to see what’s wrong. They’ll provide a report on their inspection and recommend a fix, too.

Worn Wiring

Wiring problems create a significant air conditioner hazard in the home. The least of your worries is the wiring shorting out, leading to an air conditioner’s failure. Faulty wires could blow out the circuit breaker or, worse, cause a fire. The dangerous nature of faulty wiring means you can’t ignore the problem or delay a fix.

At Reed Service Company, we won’t delay in providing you with top-notch service. If you live in Beaumont, Texas, and your AC is giving you trouble, contact our office today. Our team can assist with heating and cooling repair, installation, and maintenance.