Now Is the Time to Schedule an Autumn Heating Inspection

October 10, 2020

Cool winter weather is on its way to Beaumont, TX, which means that it’s time to make sure your home’s heating system is ready. Whether you have a furnace or heat pump, it’s important to make sure your heating system is working safely, efficiently and effectively. Read on to learn about what a heating inspection is, why it’s important, when you should get one and how it can benefit your health, comfort and safety.

What a Heating Inspection Is

A heating inspection includes examining, cleaning and testing all the parts of a heating system. Our technician checks all the wires, switches, controls, valves, coils and moving parts. We also measure pressure levels, gas or electricity supply, blower efficiency and flue gases. During a heating inspection, our technicians check the thermostat and power supply of your heating system, too.

Why Heating Inspections Are Important

Heating inspections allow our technicians to identify possible problems with your heating system. For example, if the flue of your gas furnace is obstructed, the byproducts of combustion could seep into your home and endanger your health. If the heat exchanger is cracked, your entire furnace could fail. Heating inspections also allow us to identify excessive wear and tear on parts. Extra wear and tear could cause a part to fail at an inopportune time. By identifying and replacing those worn parts, our heating inspections prevent disruption to your comfort and safety.

How a Heating Inspection Works

When our technicians arrive, they begin the inspection at the thermostat. They increase the temperature and run a system performance test. During this time, they measure airflow rates, heating output and pressure values. Next, our technician performs a multi-point inspection of all the critical parts. These include the capacitor, ignition, heat exchanger, flue, blower motor, fan, thermocouple and more. We also check the ducts and make sure your thermostat is programmed for comfort and energy efficiency. Our technician cleans and lubricates moving parts and removes any debris from the system. A typical heating inspection takes about 30 to 60 minutes.

When to Schedule a Heating Inspection

The best time to schedule a heating inspection is while the autumn weather is still mild. This gives us plenty of time to replace worn parts or make any needed repairs. However, it’s never too late for a heating inspection. If you’re buying a home and want to know the condition of its furnace or heat pump, we offer year-round heating inspections. If you’re thinking of selling your home, our inspections can give you peace of mind about the status of this important part of your home.

Who Should Have a Heating Inspection

All homeowners should have an annual heating inspection. No matter what type of heating system your home has, it needs an annual inspection to make sure that it’s operating safely, efficiently and effectively. If you’re a prospective buyer in contract on a home, you may want to schedule a heating system inspection. This is especially important if the furnace or heat pump has reached its life expectancy. Buying a new heating system is a big investment, and you might not want to deal with that right after purchasing a home. You may also want a heating inspection if you’ve recently felt ill after turning your heating system on for the first time this fall. If your carbon monoxide detector’s alarm went off, this requires a prompt heating inspection to find the cause of the problem.

Benefits of Having Your Heating System Inspected

A heating inspection gives you knowledge about your heating system. If you’re thinking of buying a home, and it will need a new furnace, this information gives you time to plan. A heating inspection also ensures that your home will be safe when cold weather arrives. A problem with your heating system can have serious health and safety consequences. These inspections also improve your heating system’s energy efficiency.

At Reed Service Company, we’re proud to be the go-to source for accurate heating inspections in Beaumont and the surrounding areas. We’re also ready to provide you with affordable heating and air conditioning maintenance, repair, replacement and installation services. Customers turn to us for geothermal, boiler, indoor air quality and HVAC design services as well. If you own a business in or near Beaumont, you also can count on us for precise commercial heating and cooling services. For additional details about heating inspections, what they include and why they’re important, call us at Reed Service Company today.