Understanding the Different Air Conditioning Systems

July 2, 2019

Air conditioning is a technology that many people take for granted but do not truly appreciate. The first modern electric air conditioner was invented in 1902, and in the more than 100 years since, the industry has developed incredible innovations that have made air conditioning more effective and efficient.

Ductless Air Conditioning

The oldest air conditioners for home use were ductless, and ductless AC is still quite prevalent today. The classic window AC unit is a ductless system. Much more common today, however, is the ductless mini-split that is mounted within the home and distributes air through one or more air handlers. Ductless air conditioning can be very energy efficient and tends not to distribute dust.

Ducted Air Conditioning

Ducted systems are the most common kind of AC that we install at Reed Service Company, which serves Beaumont and beyond. We also perform AC maintenance and repairs. A ducted system generally has air moved through its ductwork with a single air handler. The air is evenly distributed and enters rooms from the ducts through return registers.

Zoned Air Conditioning

More recently, the industry has introduced the concept of zoned AC. A residence can be broken up into various zones, and dampers in the ductwork can allow more cooled air through or restrict the airflow. Such systems generally need a variable-speed motor in order to maintain proper pressure based on demand.

Humidity Control

An air conditioner does not just lower the temperature, but it also controls humidity levels. Moisture can be added to the air, which will feel cooler to a person at a higher humidity level. If there is excess moisture, the unit will have to work harder and may struggle to cool the home if it works too hard.

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