How Do I Check My Home for Air Leaks?

August 1, 2019

Air leaks are a common issue on most properties, but they often go undetected. They’re usually inconspicuous and difficult to locate, yet they can be responsible for a significant loss of conditioned air. This can waste energy and affect the level of comfort in the building. If you want to fix the issue and reduce your carbon footprint, there are a few ways to find air leaks in your home.

Use a Flashlight

Shine a flashlight through the frames of the windows and doors at night to determine if any cracks or holes are present. Someone else will need to stand on the outside of the building to look for areas where the light may be shining through. Use blue tape to mark areas that need to be sealed to prevent future air loss from the structure.

Use a Stick of Incense

Light a stick of incense and walk around areas of the house where cracks or holes may be present. Any area where the flame flickers is a spot where air is entering the building through a gap.

Buy an Air Leak Detector

You can find inexpensive products designed to detect air leaks. There are various types on the market. A smoke pencil performs essentially the same function as the incense test. You can also find devices that will tell you the temperature variations between different areas of the residence.

Perform a Building Pressurization Test

Hire a professional company to perform a building pressurization test. A fan will be set up in a doorway, and the air flowing out will create a uniform, static pressure inside the structure. In this way, leaks and cracks that are present can be isolated.

If you’d like professional help with locating and eliminating air leaks, Reed Service Company in Beaumont can assist with this or any other indoor air quality issue. Our team members are also qualified to perform heating and cooling installation, repair, and maintenance to improve the energy efficiency of your property. Call us today.