Importance of Dehumidifiers

June 12, 2020

If you live in a humid climate, a dehumidifier has an important role in providing you with indoor comfort. Humidity is moisture in the air. The bigger the concentration of water in the air, the higher the humidity levels. Combine high outdoor temperatures with high humidity and the atmosphere can feel sticky and suffocating. When your indoor air becomes humid, life inside can become unbearable.

What Is a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is a device designed to remove moisture from the air. This type of appliance helps to regulate comfortable levels of humidity. No humidity or low humidity levels can be just as problematic as too much humidity. Keeping your indoor air in a balanced state is the overall goal of any temperature control system. While most heating and cooling systems don’t include a dehumidifier, one can easily be attached at a later time.

Benefits of a Dehumidifier

Damp air can cause a host of issues for you and your family and the house you live in. Using a dehumidifier can help you to control the levels of moisture. In turn, this can work to reduce issues with allergies, pests, and mold. The biggest benefit of a dehumidifier is having healthier indoor air to breathe no matter what the outdoor weather is like. This amazing appliance can also help you to slow damage to your property.

Signs You Need to Reduce Humidity

You may have become used to the way things are inside your home. You may not notice smelly air or the damage that’s occurring to your possessions. Constant sneezing or having allergy symptoms may also be linked to humidity. Visible mold, damp stains on walls, stuffy rooms, and condensation on windows are all tell-tale signs of humidity. If you or a family member can’t get a health issue under control, humid air could be the culprit.

Damp air can make it difficult to sleep as well. It can make fabrics, books, and construction materials rot and attract termites, rodents, and bugs. Humid air can also cause the foods in your pantry to mold or get stale faster.

Is Your Indoor Air Harming You?

Too much moisture in the air can feed health issues, such as asthma and allergies. According to the EPA, high indoor humidity levels can support the release of toxins from ordinary materials, including paint, carpets, and many wood products. A qualified professional can help you if you suspect your indoor air isn’t healthy. You can turn to Reed Service Company for air quality testing in Beaumont. We can help you improve the air you breathe every day inside your home.

What Style of Dehumidifier Is Best?

Portable dehumidifiers are ideal in environments where humidity is occasional or seasonal. When you need to manage your day-to-day comfort across several rooms, a portable product can move with you.

Whole-house dehumidifiers are a good choice when you live in a continually humid climate. They can slow down the normal wear every house experiences and help you to avoid rot and deterioration.

What Size Do I Need?

Whether you select a whole-house model, a portable unit, or both, you should choose one with the right capacity. You’ll want to know the size of the space and its condition without a dehumidifier. This is particularly important when shopping for a portable unit. A professional estimator can determine the right size unit for a whole-house model.

Remember, the capacity of the appliance should fit your needs. Attempting to dehumidify a large room with a unit designed for a smaller space is a waste of energy and money. It can cause the appliance to overwork and fail. Whole-house and portable dehumidifiers can be further managed by closing vents, doors, and windows while in operation.

Where to Place a Portable Unit

Most rolling units that discharge air from the top can be placed against a wall. Make sure the top isn’t aimed at drapes or wall art. If the one you’ve chosen discharges air from the side, then place it away from walls, bookcases, and furniture. This allows the air to freely circulate.

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