The 4 Most Efficient Heating Systems

September 20, 2021
Heating System in Beaumont, TX

Wintertime in Beaumont, TX, brings a number of seasonal pleasures, from snow sports to hearty soups. But it also entails running your heating system for the majority of the day to combat the freezing temperatures. If you are using an old furnace or boiler, you may be spending a considerable amount of money every month on electricity costs. In fact, according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, 42% of the energy used in households goes towards heating. If you’re looking for an upgrade, here are four highly efficient heating systems to upgrade to.

1. Geothermal Heat Pump

Despite being initially expensive to install and set up, geothermal heat pumps pay for themselves over time. They tend to be cheaper to operate than air-source heat pumps and furnaces and can yield several tax benefits. A geothermal heat pump works by using the land underneath the house or a water source nearby to cool or heat the air via a series of pipes, called a loop. An HVAC professional, like Reed Service Company, comes to survey the site and then drills several feet into the ground where the pipes are installed.

Geothermal pumps yield a 400% efficiency rating, which means that they can generate four units of energy per unit of power consumed. These systems are also more eco-friendly since they do not burn fuel. Instead, a geothermal pump simply transfers the heat from the outside to the inside of your home.

2. Air-source Heat Pump

An air-source heat pump is similar to its geothermal sibling except that air-source pumps draw in heat from the outside of your home. Similar to geothermal pumps, they also do not produce heat through the burning of natural gas but instead transfer heat to the parts of the home where you need it. Air source pumps generally run at a quarter of the cost of traditional heating systems.

An air-source heat pump can also serve as a cooling system during summertime, which in Texas can exceed 100 degrees in some counties. If you spend a lot of time indoors, air-source pumps are also a good temperature-control companion since they run quietly when compared to other air conditioning options.

3. Gas-powered Furnace

Over half of American households still use gas-powered furnaces, which is surprising considering the fact that there are newer and more efficient heating systems available on the market. Gas-powered furnaces work by burning natural gas or oil to produce heat. The combustion process creates gases that then exit the furnace via a sealed exhaust. They then go through one or two heat exchanges, which then mix with the air distributed by the blower fan.

Newer gas furnaces can clock in up to 95% to 98% AFUE efficiency. AFUE, or annual fuel utilization efficiency, is the standard measurement of appliance efficiency. A 98% heating efficiency means that your heater is converting 98% of the energy that it creates and only loses 2% of it through duct leaks and dissipation.

4. Gas-Powered Boiler

Boilers were once the dominant heating system in American households and commercial facilities. While they’ve gradually lost market share to more efficient and less bulky HVAC options, like heat pumps and furnaces, boilers remain a well-rounded solution for the cold months. A boiler provides heat by burning either natural gas or propane to produce hot water. There are two main distribution networks involved – one that circulates the hot water to radiators and a second one that distributes hot water through radiant floor pipes.

Gas or propane boilers are able to operate efficiently by utilizing an ancillary heat exchanger to maximize the heat produced. Similar to gas-powered furnaces, newer gas-powered boilers can operate at up to 98% efficiency. The cost of gas boilers ranges from as little as $3,000 to as much as $10,000, depending on how large the boiler system is and the space that you need to heat.

Heating costs can add up to a significant sum over time. Make sure that you are using the most efficient heating system for your home. If you need help, our experts at Reed Service Company can give you professional recommendations on what heating system best fits your specifications.

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