Understanding Various Thermostat Settings

July 27, 2021
Thermostat Settings in Beaumont, TX

Whether you’ve recently upgraded to a new thermostat or just moved into your first home that has a centralized air conditioning system, it’s essential to understand the different thermostat settings that you have. When you understand these settings, you can set them to optimize your house for both comfort and energy savings. Reed Service Company in Beaumont has provided this informative guide to help you better understand what the modes and settings mean on your home thermostat panel.

On and Off Modes

The two simplest settings on your thermostat are on and off. When you set your thermostat to the on function, it will turn on the air handler that will circulate air throughout your house. The system will stay on until you manually turn it to the off mode. When your system is in the off mode, it will not turn back on until you manually turn it on.

Heat and Cool Modes

Two other important thermostat modes are the heat mode and the cool mode. When you want your system to produce heat in the wintertime, you’ll set it to heat mode. When you want your unit to produce cool air for the summertime, you’ll set it to the cool function. Contrary to popular belief, your thermostat doesn’t have to be on either the heat or the cool mode to run.

In fact, you can set your thermostat to the on mode without it being on heat or cool mode. This will simply circulate the room temperature air throughout your residence. This is suggested to help clear out stale air when you’re opening up unused rooms in your house.


Most thermostats will display two different temperatures all the time. These are the actual temperature of your home and the desired temperature that you want your house to be at. Some newer thermostats may also have a third temperature reading, which is that of the outside temperature.

The only temperature that you can adjust on your thermostat is your desired temperature. To adjust the desired temperature, you’ll use the arrow keys on the thermostat display or a touchscreen dial, depending on the specific type of thermostat that you have.

Auto Mode

One mode that many people get confused with on mode is auto mode. The difference is that with auto mode, your thermostat will automatically control when your air conditioning system turns on and off. It will do this by reading what your desired temperature is and whether you have the system set to heat or cool mode.

If you have your system in cool mode and the desired temperature is set at 78 degrees, any time the actual temperature goes above 78 degrees, your air conditioning system won’t turn on. As soon as the actual temperature of your home reaches the desired temperature that you have set, your air conditioning system will turn off. The same is true for the heat settings, just in a reverse fashion.

Run Mode

Another mode that confuses many homeowners is run mode. You only see this on a thermostat that’s programmable. While run mode and auto mode are very similar in the fact that they automatically control your air conditioning system, the run mode is based on your programmed settings. Instead of just being based on the one desired temperature that auto mode is, the run mode is based on various temperatures that you have programmed into your thermostat for different days throughout the week.

Hold Mode

While the run mode is great to allow your thermostat to run on pre-programmed settings, it can be a pain when your schedule unexpectedly changes. For example, if you come home from work early one day, you want to have your air conditioning system on instead of having it set at a higher temperature where it’s not running. Instead of having to go back into your programmed settings, you can simply hit hold mode on your thermostat.

When hold mode is enabled, you can place your thermostat in on mode or auto mode. This will allow you to alter the settings on your thermostat temporarily without having to mess around with changing your pre-programed settings.

Eco Mode

Some newer smart thermostats come with a mode called eco mode. When you put your system into this mode, it will optimize the temperature settings depending on your specific location and the time of day. This option is great if you’re looking for optimal energy savings out of your AC unit.

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