What Causes Furnace Rust?

December 20, 2021
Furnace Rust in Beaumont, TX

Most of the homes in the United States have furnaces. These extremely useful devices heat air in one area of a building and then distribute it throughout the entire premises. That’s why they are commonly known as forced-air distribution systems. Unlike old-fashioned steam heaters, a modern furnace does not use water to warm your home or business. Consequently, people who own them don’t usually associate them with rust because they believe that these systems don’t come into contact with water. However, furnaces do rust, and it can become a problem. Below, we’ve outlined some of the reasons why this might occur.

Blocked Flue Pipe

The work of a furnace’s flue is to transport exhaust gases from the furnace to the atmosphere safely. Any blockage in this pipe can interfere with the venting out of these gases. For instance, when this passage is blocked, exhaust gases from your furnace will condense. The moisture formed as a result of that condensation can corrode your furnace’s heat exchanger.

Rusting on your furnace’s heat exchanger can eventually cause the component to crack. When a heat exchanger gets cracked, harmful combustion gases such as carbon monoxide can leak into your home. Carbon monoxide is associated with health problems, and it can be deadly to both people and pets. Although a cracked heat exchange can make odd sounds, there’s a good chance you wouldn’t even notice that you had a problem. That is why you should schedule annual maintenance for your furnace. A technician could spot this issue during a routine tune-up.

High Humidity

Humidity is greater in some places and during certain seasons than others. If you live in a home with a high humidity level, you might consider having a technician check it and advise you on rectifying the situation. Among other things, the excess moisture can initiate the chemical reaction that causes rust in your furnace. Installing a dehumidifier ought to resolve the problem. To ensure that your furnace does not get rusty due to moisture in the atmosphere, you should also check your ductwork for gaps and leaks and repair any you find.

AC Leaks

Most HVAC technicians install the AC unit close to the furnace, often above it, especially if they want them to use the same blower. The AC unit usually has a condensate drain that collects moisture and transports it from the HVAC system. Any blockage in this drain can interfere with the transportation of the condensed moisture. This can cause the condensate pan overflow, making the moisture drip onto the surface of your furnace and corrode it. In such a case, you should turn to our technicians at Reed Service Company. They maintain and repair both furnaces and cooling equipment.

Old Age

When a gas furnace is in operation, the combustion gases in the heat exchanger turn into a liquid or vapor, which can react with the metal surfaces of the furnace, causing rust. Although proper ventilation can help prevent this, your furnace will likely get rusty after being exposed to this vapor for a long time. That is why many old furnaces have rust on their metal surfaces.

To ensure that you experience all the benefits of an efficient furnace, you should consider letting us replace yours if it is over 15 years old. We can install a new one that will provide you with 97% efficiency, ensuring that you enjoy a comfortable environment in your home.

Water Leaks

The moisture that causes furnace rust does not necessarily have to come from your HVAC system. The metal surfaces of your furnace can also get rust if your home’s plumbing system is leaking water or there’s a roof leak above your furnace area. You need to have the water leaks fixed to protect both your furnace and your home.

If you do not let an HVAC professional check and fix your rusting furnace, the rusted parts could eventually break down. That might force you to replace them frequently. Failure to act after noticing that your furnace is rusty can also cause its electrical parts to malfunction. You can avoid all these issues by requesting our services.

Your Local Experts

Reed Service Company is a top-rated heating and cooling company serving residents of the Greater Beaumont area, and we have been since 1974. As mentioned above, our NATE-certified technicians perform a full range of HVAC installations, repairs and maintenance. All the members of our team are experienced and knowledgeable, and they’re focused on customer satisfaction. If you have rust on the metal surfaces of your furnace or you’d like to discuss any other home comfort issue, contact us today.