What’s Causing Your Indoor Air Pollution?

March 19, 2020

At Reed Service Company, we know that the residents of Beaumont want their homes to be clean and comfortable. We work hard to give our customers a consistent indoor climate throughout the year. However, many homeowners pay more attention to the temperature of their air than its quality. Your indoor air can be contaminated by several types of pollutants and irritants.

Signs of Poor Air Quality

When something is floating in your air, you and your family members are breathing it in. At high enough levels, indoor air pollution will have negative effects on your health and well-being. The most common signs of poor air quality are allergy symptoms like a runny nose, sneezing and coughing. Some people experience headaches, nausea, poor sleep and a general sense of fatigue. If you notice that these symptoms go away when you are out of the house, you might want to check the quality of your air.

Poor Ventilation

In modern homes, poor ventilation is a major factor in the quality of the air supply. In an effort to improve energy efficiency, many homes have a tighter construction than in years past. While this reduces the cost of heating and cooling your home, it also restricts airflow. It takes a much longer time for clean outdoor air to replace the stale air inside your home. The experts at Reed Service Company can help you by installing a home ventilator as part of your heating and cooling systems. This device makes certain there is a constant flow of fresh air.

Household Dust

Much of the air pollution that you can see is the dust that gathers on every unused surface in your home. Household dust is a mixture of skin cells, pet dander, fibers and pollen grains. Especially during allergy season, it takes a great deal of effort to minimize the amount of dust in your home. Regular vacuuming, sweeping and dusting are part of the solution. You might also encourage guests to leave their shoes at the entrance of your home so they do not track in extra dirt.

Smoke and Fumes

If someone smokes cigarettes or cigars at your house, you will have air quality issues. Cigarette smoke is full of chemicals that can be hazardous to your family’s health. If your family includes a smoker, ask them to light up outside to prevent secondhand smoke.

Your kitchen is another place that produces smoke and other pollutants. When you cook with oil, small droplets can float around your kitchen area for some time. These droplets are part of the reason you can smell food cooking when you are in another part of the house. Make sure to use ventilating fans when you are cooking at the stove. If something starts to burn, open a window to help the smoke make its way outside.

Volatile Organic Compounds

In addition to the chemicals found in smoke, there are many other sources of volatile organic compounds. Many household items release VOCs into your home’s air. Latex paints and plastics send out organic chemicals as they break down over time. Most homes have an area where the family stores leftover paints, lubricants and adhesives. Whenever you work with these substances, be sure there is adequate ventilation.

The bathroom is another source of VOCs. Beauty products and cleaning products send out molecules every time you spray them. It is important to use the bathroom exhaust fan when you use these products in the bathroom. In addition to removing some of the steam from your shower, this fan will help keep VOCs from spreading throughout your home.

High Humidity

High levels of humidity can contribute to indoor air pollution. Dust mites prefer a moist environment for breeding. Their population and waste products will increase when moisture levels are high. High humidity also encourages the growth of mildew and other fungi. These organisms will send out spores that float in your air.

Professional Solutions

Reed Service Company offers several professional solutions to the common causes of indoor air pollution. In addition to improving ventilation, we can install air purifiers by Carrier that capture and remove microorganisms like mold spores and trap chemical fumes. We can also install humidifiers and dehumidifiers that will keep your home’s humidity at the right level.

The staff members at Reed Service Company are dedicated to the complete comfort of our fellow Texans. In addition to air quality services, we offer a full range of heating and cooling services. You can trust us with the comfort of your home. Contact Reed Service Company today for more information.